My name's Josh Katzenmeyer.

But most people in the metaverse know me as @luxpris. I'm a creative technologist using code-based generative means to produce extraterrestrial results. My visual output has been steadiest since early 2020 and since then I've enjoyed producing art that makes use of minimalistic geometry to craft immersive, abstracted landscapes.

Conceptually I'm drawn to the questions unearthed when collaborating with machines. I'm interested in exploring the way technology encourages or reduces human autonomy; the way algorithms inspire not only the creation, marketing, and monetization of artworks, but how they affect the perception and attention of audiences and what this might mean for the future of cultural production and consumption.



  • Art in Quarantine, Wreading Digits, Online, 2020
  • $1M Art Show, SuperRare Museum, Virtual Reality, 2020
  • A Dissolution of Corrupted Arrangements, Museum of CryptoArt, Virtual Reality, 2020 (Solo)
  • Generative & AI Art Exhibit, SuperRare Museum, Virtual Reality, 2020
  • "Audiovisual" Album Release & Gallery, Studio Nouveau, Virtual Reality, 2020
  • Foot in the Door 5: The Virtual Exhibition, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN, 2020
  • Natively Digital, Sotheby's, NYC/Hong Kong/London, 2021
  • XO Crypto, Blockchain Center, Manhattan, NYC, 2021
  • Brighton Pride Party, Brighton Beach Gallery, Virtual Reality, 2021
  • U’R,L, IRL Art, Denver, Colorado, 2021
  • Vertical Crypto Art Fundraising Event, Arium, Virtual Reality, 2021
  • Post-War to Present: the NFTs, Christie's, Manhattan, NYC, 2021



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